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(Posted January 4, 2021)

The highest priorities of individuals coming home from prison are housing and jobs. The Fortune Society* places an equally high priority on both and works actively on both fronts.

The COVID crisis has crippled Fortune’s job development workshops and has thrown up a major roadblock – the Digital Divide – in the path of clients seeking employment. Because clients cannot come to Fortune’s offices to use the computer labs, they have to try to create and edit resumes or to manage professional interviews on the smart phones that Fortune provides them. Practically speaking, this is nearly impossible. To take advantage of Fortune’s three-week virtual job readiness program and other employment services, it is clear that clients MUST have their own laptops or tablets to obtain employment. However, laptops or tablets represent an impossible expense both for recently released returnees and for Fortune at this time.

So, instead of a Coat Drive, we’re having a
technology “HARD DRIVE.”

Remember that laptop or tablet you replaced? Donate it during our HARD DRIVE to The Fortune Society and help someone change their life!
1. You get rid of some clutter;
2. You get the bonus of a tax deduction; and
3. You get a warm feeling from helping a returnee deal with one of the most important steps on the path to reintegration into the community.

Here is how it works:
Ask your friends and colleagues, people in your building, your kids. Many people have electronics they are no longer using but which are still functional. Then drop your laptop or tablet off on either the East or West side*. Mark your package with your name and address so that Fortune can issue a “thank you” letter for tax use. The electronic equipment will be delivered to The Fortune Society IT department. The IT Team will completely erase ALL data on the device and install a new Operating System and the needed productivity software. The Team will then provide the device directly to the client.
*West Side drop off:
Rauch, 44 West 77 Street, between CPW and Columbus. (Doorman
will accept your package)
*East Side drop off:
Maikish, 2 Sutton Place South, SW corner of 57th Street and Sutton
Place. (Doorman will accept your package)

If you have questions or need more information: Betty Rauch at
* Fortune is one of TTN’s signature Community Impact programs.
More info here:

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