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Winter Balance Tips

(Posted December 1, 2020)

 by Carol Clements

Better Balance for Life, Banish the Fear of Falling with Simple Activities Added to Your Everyday Routine


Ten tips to avoid winter falls: 

1. Build strength in your lower body—the muscles of your hips, legs, ankles, and feet. 

2. Stimulate your balance system regularly with balancing challenges such as in yoga or Tai Chi. 

3. Maintain flexibility, coordination, and agility with physical activities. Enjoy sports, dancing, or simple agility exercises. 

4. Wear flexible-soled shoes with traction. 

5. Choose well-lit areas and walkways.

6. Be careful about carrying heavy loads. Your arms aid in balancing.

7. Be alert to icy patches. Spot test by sliding your footwear across the surface before you step on it.

8. Take smaller steps on slick surfaces.

9. If you feel you might slip, widen your feet slightly to create a broader base for your center of gravity.

10. If you do lose your balance and a fall seems inevitable, don’t stiffen or tense your body. Bend and relax your joints, spiraling downward to sequentially make contact with the most padded areas of your body first.


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