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(Posted August 29, 2020)

The TTN Volunteer Committee has selected the Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House for our virtual fall volunteer focus and urges all members to donate what they can. In these unprecedented times, non-profits really need our support and the Atlanta Hospitality House provides a valuable service to people with significant health care needs and their families.

The Atlanta Hospital Hospital Hospitality House (AHHH) was originally founded in 1979 to address the need for affordable housing to assist cardiac patients and their families. For more than three decades, AHHH has provided over 30,000 patients and their families with approximately 140,000 nights of affordable and comfortable lodging with nutritious meals each evening. AHHH has served individuals and families experiencing a wide range of medical conditions  including but not limited to, cardiovascular events, cancer, organ transplants, autism, surgery, anxiety, PTSD, car accidents, and many more. Guests come from near and far, but most are from the rural Southeast. Sixty percent of guests are from rural Georgia, where hospital closings and reductions in acute care services are obligating an increasing number of critically ill residents to come to Atlanta for medical treatment.

Most people are not prepared for a medical crisis and in the midst of having to come to a new city, find themselves in an expensive hotel, sleeping in a waiting room, and eating fast food (if eating at all). AHHH provides a home away from home for guests who live 40 miles outside of Atlanta and receive medical services in one of the Atlanta medical facilities.

Please go online to the TTN website

Choose your donation amount.
VIP: In the box that says "Donation in honor of" please put Atlanta Chapter - Hospitality House. This will ensure that we know who has donated and how much
money we have to spend on the items needed for the House such as food, PPE and cleaning supplies. Your tax deductible letter will come directly from The Transition Network but be assured that the funds will be forwarded to the Atlanta Chapter to support this effort. 

If you have any questions, please contact Eve Bogan.
Please make your donations by November 1st.
Thank you from the Volunteer Committee – Susan McCarthy, Cathy Carpenter, Alyse Pribish, and Eve Bogan

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