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A Study Of Slavery

(Posted July 31, 2020)

The writer presents an overview of the America I was born into many years before her, a world where as a youngster I was baffled because the White people in my environment spoke, usually with pride, of their Ancestry.  I, on the other hand was referred to as a descendant of Slaves. 
I was treated with disdain legally, as a child and young adult by the White society I was born into. 
As laws and times changed, I learned to overcome these burdens for the most part.
The truth of my ancestry is documented for all who can read. My personal DNA tells me, the majority of my ancestors where from Nigeria, West African, Mali and the Gold Cost of the Continent of Africa.
 Historians tell us the Continent of Africa is where all humanity began.
My Ancestors had extraordinary agricultural skills, architectural skills, and wisdom. They had their own educational systems, varied religions, and political structures.  They had homes, families, and neighbors. Most of all they were a culture of people, just as the people of other continents, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, North American and Antarctica.
Slavery is not a culture of people.  Slavery was the miserable sorrowful condition a group of people who were kidnapped and bought, put in chains, imprisoned, and forced into the bilge of ships by strangers, who traveled to the continent of Africa to steal humans.  The Africans were stolen because of their superior farming abilities, excellent health, and survival skills, to be sold to white men who enslaved these African people to increase their wealth and wellbeing for hundreds of years.
Slavery is a crime that happened to my ancestors not my culture.
 My Ancestors were brought here against their will. I was born here. I am an African American with all the Rights and Privileges thereto.

Material from, 18:25:21 September 18, 2021.
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