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Creativity During a Pandemic

(Posted June 1, 2020)

Around the second week in March, I did 3 big shopping trips while the aisles were still full, and  I had two 4x10’ raised garden beds installed. It’s almost 3 months later and I’ve only been to the grocery store for one more big shop. I’ve loved having salads every day and stir fries from my garden. I have been very attentive to my yard and I've mowed it 5x already - at 16,000 steps, it feels rather virtuous. Most of my outings have been to Home Depot early in the morning when there were few people there. My biggest vulnerable area is going to the chiropractor which I have done weekly. I had a shoulder injury and it has made a difference to continue care. 

I find Zoom a little frustrating as the platform doesn’t allow for interruptions that come with natural conversation and only a few people get to share deeply. Still, it is nice to connect with people. 

I have had a few friends stop by on separate occasions, and I have a big yard so we were able to sit and relax together. It was so meaningful to see them and for them to take the time to be with me. I’ve even played badminton with some – we’re about 10ft apart and we don’t touch the birdie with our hands. 

I wear a mask everywhere and it has 4 layers. I enjoy making them and find it important that they are comfortable and fit well with adjustability. I have 7 masks handy at any time so I can always wear a fresh one and stick it in the laundry or hang it outside when I get home. If anyone needs a bunch, please let me know. 

I love this time of self-discovery. I did a 3-week meditation program, I focus on getting better sleep, choosing what I no longer want to do and what I really want. I’m about to embark on an intensive performance coaching program to ensure that I take advantage of this time to expand my business, and get my self-limiting thoughts and behaviors out of my way. 

I’m not sure how I’m going to date in this new world, but I intend to co-create a playful partnership to have adventures, cozy home time, and grow young with someone, imminently!

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