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(Posted January 15, 2020)

Hosted by Joan Prince, it was the consensus that all three movies were to be seen.

Knives Out – great cast (except for Daniel Craig most thought he was badly miscast) - was it all a parody of Agatha Christie – did that impact selection of Craig – what clues did we miss? – what clues were implausible – (blood on the sneakers – really?) – basically an enjoyable film - 8???? 2????


Bombshell – the Roger Ailes story – most loved it – enjoyed how the film built the story – performances were excellent = especially Charlize Theron – Lithgow was good but didn’t compare to Russell Crow and the Showtime series.  7 ????


The Two Popes – story of the relationship between Popes Benedict and Francia and a portrait of both men – smart dialogue – showed the mutual respect and love of the Church despite the differences in dogma – cinematography somewhat disjointed - Interesting that Pryce was nominated for best actor and Hopkins for best supporting but not best picture nominee – Resulted in an interesting discussion of religion, orthodoxy and “change vs. compromise”

all ????


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