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(Posted October 16, 2019)

Hosted by Rosemary Byren in Ft. Lee, even a Nor’easter didn’t deter most of our faithful group of movie enthusiasts. Films for last month sparked spirited discussion and some mixed reviews.

Ad Astra – a sci-fi film with what some (but not all!) described as Brad Pitt’s “finest performance” – it was moving, poignant, a psychological profile conveying a real sense of loss - contra “it was contrived and the space suit & helmet limited the emotional impact of the words” – all agreed special effects were fabulous – especially because they incorporated shots of actual lunar landscape  - thumbs were equally split.

The Hustlers – an “engrossing” and “controversial” film raising awareness of women in sex industry/business, the bonds of loyalty they create, the problems they face. Most thought is was only partially a film about feminist power. JLo was excellent, she “sure looks good” but not an academy award winning performance. Disturbing to most because sentences for the women were so lenient when they turned to later acts of drugging (and almost killing) their clients for financial gain.   7????, 1????

Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea – a documentary by Chelsea Handler seeking to discover and define “white privilege”. Sparked good discussion with our group. Most thought Chelsea was “condescending,” “arrogant”, “insulting”, “unlikeable”. However, most thought film was worthwhile because  those interviewed raised important issues about race and what it means to be black in American, democracy in America, & the history of blacks in America, and revealed the view of some interviewees that “the race issue is miniscule” and “it’s time to move on.” “An interesting film once you ignored your hostility to the interviewer.”   5 ????  ????

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