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(Posted August 21, 2019)

Hosted and facilitated by Rosemary Byrne at hr Ft. Lee home, the reviews were mixed.
The Lion King – “loved the cinematography” – “otherwise not moved” “amazing technology but not must else,” “a typical Disney film of good and evil and evil is pretty realistic,” “looked real,” “visually ugly,” “not for kids”
Mostly ???? for technology otherwise ???? 3 ???? 2
The Mermaid – a universal favorite – Directing by Alex Holmes – (correction – not his first film) the story of chef turned sailor Tracey Edwards who in 1989 at age 24 captained the first ever all-female crew in a 33,000-mile 9-month yacht race. No one thought they could succeed in this all-male sport - “great movie of women triumphing,” “no one took them seriously and even though they didn’t win, they triumphed,” “you don’t have to win to succeed” “scenes of their coming into port on the last day and the reception they received was awe inspiring,” “original footage juxtaposed with interviews with the crew really enhanced the film,” “interesting that she was funded in part by King Hussein of Jordan,” “wish there’d been more about where they are now,” “reminds us of how far we’ve come,” “A must see.” ???? 6
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Quentin Tarantino’s homage to the golden days of Hollywood in 1969. Loaded with references to spaghetti westerns and other prominent figures, tv programs, advertising and events (including the Manson family and Sharon Tate) – “it was long – very long,” “Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt were both terrific, had great synergy  and were very easy on the eyes,”  “ a great retrospective of Hollywood,” “ loved the portrayal of Sharon Tate – her joy at her Hollywood success” “sit back and enjoy the fantasy,” “without having read anything about it before seeing it took too long to understand what the film was about,”  “did the film handle the Tate story in a way that trivialized it?”
This was a love it or hate it film - ???? 3  ????  3

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