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TTN at the Movies in July!!

(Posted July 17, 2019)

Hosted by Judy Assisi with Rosemary Byrne as facilitator, it was a lively discussion over three diverse films. 

A summary follows:

Pavarotti was a fan favorite – it was interesting to compare it to Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Aretha – all  different – no universal agreement on which was best -  “a labor of love by Ron Howard”, “I’d see it again,”  not a story of redemption (compared to Rocketman) but of “reinvention” and “charisma” of a man who brought “opera to the masses” – “a sanitized version of what was a pretty sleazy life with fabulous music,”
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Yesterday  was not very well-received – “didn’t like it at all,” “ music was great, premise was boring,”  a totally non-noteworthy film,” “good if you see it as science fiction,” “ridiculous but left happy just for the music,” “seemed like they selected music and then wrote film as a series of episodes,” most loved Kate McKinnon as manager.
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Late Night – “Remake of Devil Wears Prada and not nearly as good,” “amusing but men were stupid,” “ not really believable in terms of late night host’s downslide,”” a good opportunity for Mindy Kaling – producer, screenwriter and actress,”  “John Lithgow was best part of the movie,” “decent film to watch on a plane,” “Emma Thomson was OK, ” “contrast between Emma and Mindy and the dialogue was amusing”
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