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TTN at the Movies in February!!

(Posted February 25, 2019)

The February Film group discussion was hosted by Miriam Baker who served a delicious dinner in her lovely Ft. Lee home.

Snow disrupted our attempts to have our own Academy Awards balloting prior to the ceremony but didn’t stop us from having a great rehash – the surprises (Green Book and not Roma or Bohemian Rhapsody),  the disappointments (Glenn Close),  the gowns (too many to list ), and the steamy GaGA/Cooper duet – a favorite of almost everyone!.  It was great to see that all of the nominated films had been recommended viewing for our group!

Our films last month – “If Beale Street Could Talk” – mixed reviews – a “gentle love story,” “not realistic,”  “too simplistic”, good performance by Regina King
 6 were ????,  1 was   , and 1 was ???? (aka “OK)
“Vice” – pretty well-liked – the transformation of Christian Bale to Dick Chaney was amazing – “informative,” “learned a lot about Lynne Chaney,” “scary how he manipulated and subverted the political system and the government” –  5 were ????, 3 were ????
“On the Basis of Sex” – lukewarm reaction – “documentary was better,” “why did they even make this film,” “who wants to see RBG in a sex scene,” it trivialized her,” had value for younger women to see where women were in the 1950’s and her inability to get a job despite her stellar credentials - 4 were ????, 6 were ????


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