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(Posted January 16, 2019)

The monthly Movie Group meeting was hosted by Rosemary Byrnes.  Each movie generated a wide and vaired discussion on the story and characters.

Here is the recap of collective member opinions of each movie.

The Favorite generated some interesting discussion about the personalities and motivations of the three women featured in the film – sexuality, power, politics – could be 21 century America! Most who saw the film enjoyed it and many thought it was the kind of film they thought about long after they left the theatre – 2    ???? 6 ???? (this is the emoji for “OK”)
The Green Book was enjoyed by all as a film – for its cast, the music, the forging of the relationship between the two men and so much more -  the picture of America it portrayed was disturbing to all and fostered a  good discussion about racial and religious bias in America today. (apologies – lost count of thumbs but they were all up!)

Roma – some thought it was brilliant – others thought it slow and perhaps pretentious – most thought cinematography, acting and direction were excellent – the insights of group members about film’s director and direction  added much to the discussion.  Final count -  2 were  ???? ????, 3 were ????, 5 were ????

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