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Sole Hope Delivers

(Posted April 7, 2017)

Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference.  On a Saturday afternoon in March members of the TTN Atlanta chapter gathered to have fun while making a difference for others.  

Many children in Uganda cannot afford shoes, which makes them highly susceptible to infection by harmful jigger insects.  The insects enter the skin on bare feet and cause infection, sometimes even necessitating amputation.  This is where Sole Hope volunteers can make a life altering difference.

With a simple pattern obtained from Sole Hope, volunteers cut discarded old blue jeans and plastic water jugs into components for shoes.  The pattern pieces are then sent to Sole Hope, the non profit which trains Ugandans to sew the components into shoes which are then distributed to needy children.  

For further information about how your group can make a difference contact Sole Hope, Inc. Email, or call 855.516.4673 Ext. 703, or write PO. Box 3263, Salisbury, NC 28145.


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