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(Posted April 7, 2017)

The Atlanta TTN Chapter has been enjoying its monthly Meet and Eat Special Interest Group (SIG).  What began as a fun opportunity to get together during a meal quickly “transitioned” to a means to explore other cultures.   People may be different, and come from diverse backgrounds, but what unites us is the need to eat, and the fact that we enjoy eating.   Our group meets monthly on a standing day (first Tuesday) chosen by the group, and we vary between having a meal, or a meal with a program.  The time of day also varies, allowing us to accommodate different schedules.
So far we have enjoyed Korean, French, Persian, Italian, and Southern cuisine.  While the Southern United States is not another country, it certainly is culturally different from other regions.  The highlight of our SIG has been a visit to a Hindu Temple, where we enjoyed a tour, had a discussion with the tour leader, and participated in a Hindu ceremony.  We followed the visit with lunch at an Indian restaurant in the nearby Global Mall, which is an Indian mall.  Some of us even came home with bindis.
After visiting this exquisite temple and learning about Hinduism, we decided that we want to visit a mosque, learn about Islam, and follow the visit with Middle Eastern food.  That will be our next daytime activity.  We are also scheduling dinner at a Japanese restaurant for our next evening meal.  Fortunately Atlanta has diverse populations, so we can eat our way around the world, experience and appreciate different cultures, and enjoy each other’s company. 

~ Eve Bogan

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