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What We Treasure: Beauty in Photographs - A conversation with Rose, Jim and Greg

(Posted February 14, 2017)

What We Treasure:  Beauty in Photographs - Rescheduled
An evening of conversation with Rose, Jim and Greg

Home of Roxanne Jackman, 24 Bellevue Road, Stoneham, MA
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
7:00 - 9:00 pm

There are two kinds of people photographs: One records meaningful moments or relationships with people close to us. And the other photos of ourselves.

In this gathering, Rose, Greg, and Jim will help us explore the images of our lives, the many stories photos tell, and hopefully deepen our appreciation of our own beauty – to see it, and celebrate it.

You are invited to bring a photo with some real significance for you---of others, yourself, or both.

This event is a 'members only' event, and limited to 10 people. Please register early to reserve your place at this great evening.


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