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Making a Life-Long Friend

(Posted November 11, 2013)

I am a relatively new member and, as a result, was on the webinar for the new member orientation last fall. When asked what I was thinking about, I said that I would like to start a SALON. The woman on the webinar said that there was a long-time member in NYC who had started one and would I be interested in her making the connection? Of course I said yes and soon Bethene LeMahieu and I had an hour long phone call. We hit it off big time! When I had a NYC trip planned for this past October, I emailed Bethene and we agreed that we wanted to get together.
After a wonderful lunch in downtown Manhattan, we walked the HighLine, talking non-stop the whole 5 hours. We both agreed that we had found a dear friend! We met again for coffee the day before I left NYC, and have been happily emailing ever since. 

Thanks to Bethene as my mentor, I have the first gathering scheduled for the SALON on Nov 13th, here in the SF Bay Area. When I asked my numerologist friend (who will be attending), what the numbers said about the date 11/13/13, here's what she replied:
The Universal personal Day is:  11 + 1+ 3 +2_ 0+ 1+ 3  =  21 /3  -- creativity, communication, synthesis, party-time.  The initial brainstorming group of 15-16 women plans to do all of those - and more - on the 13th!
Thank you, Bethene, and thank you TTN for putting my newest 'dear friend' and me together.

~ Deborah Coburn

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