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Road Scholar: Paris 2012

(Posted February 28, 2012)

Dear members and friends,

Isn't it wonderful when a dream you have then turns into a reality?  Well, that has happened to me.  My dream?  To organize a TTN trip to Paris, with the focus on studying art at its fabulous museums.  It all started as a vague fantasy,  grew into a dream and then a reality -- our collaboration with Road Scholar to offer a special art study program in Paris in October 2012!.     

So let me give you my back story:  For some time now, I've sought out combining travel with group study programs that focus on one specific area of study.  I took a special program to Paris with a college photography instructor to study how to improve my photography. Each day we went on shoots in the wonderful Parisian neighborhoods and then at night we'd critique our photo slides.  In between, we got to experience the joy of being in Paris and seeing the sights.  

And then I went on group study programs to various film festivals -- the Venice Film Festival, sponsored by the University of California, the Berlin Film Festival, sponsored by The Commonwealth Club of California, the Seattle Film Festival, as well as a wonderful New York theater program sponsored by Road Scholar.  So I'm no stranger to what a rich experience it is to be with other interested people as you immerse yourself in a field of study.

For some time, my fantasy was to go back to Paris, but this time to focus on an art program for TTN.  It stayed in the back of my mind until last spring when I was sitting at a cafe with Dr. Clark Poling, an art history professor, to plan his art talk and slide show on "Picasso and Matisse: The Rivalry of Two Iconic Artists." Clark is the husband of Eve Poling, long-time TTN steering committee member and the founder of our very successful peer group program. When we were discussing his upcoming lecture, I mused about my fantasy to organize a TTN tour to study art in Parisian museums.  He then told me he taught art courses in Paris using the museums, and offered to explore with me how we could offer a TTN art study program to Paris. 

And so that was the beginning.  With the blessings of our steering committee and TTN national, Clark and I planned the program and partnered with Road Scholar to handle the logistics.  Road Scholar – formerly Elderhostel – is an expert at combining travel and learning, so we’re able to offer the best of Clark’s knowledge and Road Scholar’s travel expertise.

And that is how my dream became a reality. I am thrilled that Clark Poling will be our art expert and that TTN is collaborating with Road Scholar.  Read on to learn about our program in October. Even if you are a solo traveler, this can be a rare opportunity for you to connect with TTN women as we explore impressionism and contemporary French art in depth, and enjoy the delights of Paris together. Space is limited, so sign up early. I hope to see you in Paris!



Arlene Reiff, Chair
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

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