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Message from the executive director


Women Who Walk

January 19, 2017

This election season has awakened something in many of our members, something which is more important than our positions as a Republican or Democrat. We have been touched as women.

The idea of a peaceful march this weekend was conceived by a retired attorney and grandmother IN HER 60's (surprise, surprise!)

She wondered if women could peacefully march in Washington on Inauguration Day.  That single Facebook post led to the planning of 616 marches and 1,364,010 "sister" marches WORLDWIDE, as of this writing.

This is about much more than the politics of blue versus red.

Women in several of our chapters have decided to participate in a march this weekend. I applaud this and encourage each of you to stand for whatever you believe in.
I will walk in Philadelphia on Saturday, as a woman, an aunt, and as a citizen. I will walk with women I have met through TTN as well as other friends - both men and women - who share my belief that "Women's Rights are Human Rights."

Please share your thoughts, experiences, and impressions (as well as photos) with us at

All the best!