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Message from the executive director


It's all about Visibility!

June 1, 2015

This month seems to be all about VISIBILITY!  How do we get the word out to more women that there is a place they can find support as they deal with the unexpected transitions that come, whether we like it or not, at this stage of our lives.

Central Ohio tore up the airwaves with their appearance on Daytime Columbus and Dick Goldberg, our partner at Coming of Age, wrote a beautiful article about all the benefits of membership in TTN.

Every day we are meeting women who need us, even if they don't know it yet.  How are you talking about your experience?  Are you telling everyone you know about the wonderful network of women you're meeting?  Did you share something you learned about yourself, about a newly discovered interest or skill?  Did you grab a friend and volunteer your time and expertise to help a local organization in their good work?

TTN is perfectly positioned to make an even bigger impact on the "positive aging" scene.  With our Signature Programs, new Women in Transition workshop and the power of our members, we can reach even more women who need what we deliver.

So get out there and talk about TTN.  Be proud that you found us and share your experience with your family and friends.  You'll be doing them the favor that perhaps someone did for you.
  Just think of how many more women we could reach if every one of us (all 2,100 of us!) told one other women about TTN.  Wow!