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Message from the executive director


My Best Days

May 5, 2015

My best days are when I get out from behind the computer and out into the world where I can be with our members or talk about TTN.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being a member of a panel at the Forum of Executive Women Leadership Symposium.  Our topic, of course, was about what's ahead for women as they look past their careers.  I was joined by Beth Weinstock, PhD Clinical Psychologist and Founder of The Resilience Group (and long time TTN member), Im Ja Choi, Founder, Penn Asian Senior Services, and Ann MacDougall, President of

Each of us talked about our vision for how women can continue to be engaged, and effective, at a time in their lives when society may want to disregard their capabilities.  The audience was composed of professional women at the height of their careers, and their self-confidence.  But you could have heard a pin drop when Ann spoke about working for the common good and Im Ja shared her experience in building her own nonprofit to fill the void of support in her community.  Beth came from a different perspective - one of self-reflection and calming the "inner critic" that most of us recognize.  Of course, I went on and on about the benefits of being part of an extraordinary community of women for connection and support as we transition to our next, best selves.

Then last week I went to a Member Mingle hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter.  These are simple gatherings of members and guests with no speaker or formal presentation.  Just women talking to women.  I ran into a friend from my childhood (!) and we reminisced about summers at the shore.  I spent some quality time with the women who are leading the chapter's support for the People's Emergency Center (a beneficiary of a grant from the chapter's Giving Circle).  They had just come from purchasing much needed supplies from Bed, Bath & Beyond and delivering them to the Center and were "high" on their experience of doing good work.  I talked with some guests and new members and could feel how excited they are to have found TTN.

I selfishly take all of this energy and put it back into doing my best for TTN as its leader.  Thank you to all of you who are using your experience as members of TTN to build better lives for yourself and those around you.  Your spirit and excitement about your opportunities is contagious.