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Message from the executive director


Parents: A Lifelong Impact

June 15, 2014

My Dad was from the generation of "children should be seen and not heard."  He worked and my Mom took care of the five kids.  But she passed away suddenly when we ranged in age from 3-19 and all of a sudden, my Dad was now the "mom" too.  What an impact!

He continued to work, of course, hiring various housekeepers to manage all of us.  But he didn't delegate everything.  He learned to cook, planned birthday parties and taught me to how to sew (which he thought all girls were supposed to know how to do.)  I didn't realize until after his passing that he was, by most standards, a successful businessman, but we weren't allowed to grow up thinking we were better than everyone else.  Impact.

We washed our own cars and raked our own leaves and I made my own clothes to save money.  He showed up for school plays and all my brother's basketball games and managed to maintain discipline in the house even as he travelled the world for his job.  And though I resisted almost everything he tried to teach me, I was well aware of his impact.

My Dad worked his way through college and was determined to see all of his kids educated.  His upbringing taught him that the boys needed to find good jobs and the girls needed to find good husbands.  Can't really fault him for that, it was typical of his generation.  So when I decided to quit college after the first year, his plan went off the rails.  But even as I chose a different path, he knew I would be okay because he had committed to making an impact on his kids.  He did and still does, to this very day.

Our parents are the first people in our lives to impact who we are to become.  At some point along the way, we choose for ourselves what impact we will have.  We effect those closest to us and others we don't even know.  We touch the lives of other people just by being. 

Impact within TTN goes on every day.  Our members meet, plan, and lead.  They gather for fun or to discuss their transitions.  They impact themselves, each other and their communities every day.  I can't think of anything more important in the mission of TTN than to connect members so they can choose the impact they want to have.