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Message from the executive director


TTN's Core Values

April 1, 2014

What a wonderful time to be a member of TTN!  I am constantly impressed by the amazing women who are involved with this organization, at all levels, in every chapter.


The Board of Directors recently approved the excellent work done by the Communications & Values Committee and delivered a set of core values to the organization.  These values not only represent how we are today, they set the standard for how we want to be going forward.   


Values are the set of beliefs held by an organization.  They are the underlying principles that guide the decisions, drive the priorities and determine how members of the organization operate.  Values reflect the ethical standards by which members interact with each other, their internal and external partners.


While we each had our own reasons for joining TTN, we stay because we share these values.  Having now enunciated them on behalf of the organization, we can share them with other women over 50 in transition.  They will know, even before joining, the kind of women they can expect to meet in TTN.