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Message from the executive director


Moving Forward

October 1, 2013

When I joined TTN in 2009, even before the first meeting of the Philadelphia Chapter, I would never have imagined myself as its Executive Director.  But here I am.  What a journey it has been and now the adventure continues!

Like you, TTN spoke to me as a woman in transition.  I had recently left my career and was unaware of all the things that would change after I made that decision.  I expected to lose the paycheck and the stress.  I didn’t expect to lose the network that served as the hub of both my social and professional life.

That’s when I found The Transition Network.  I went to the first event of the brand new Philadelphia chapter, joined a peer group, and met Mary Klein.  She asked me to join the steering committee as the secretary and my deep commitment to TTN began.

We were a fast growing chapter so we had to act and react quickly in order to keep up.  We went from wondering if we could present an event every other month (6/year) to doing 20 through the first 9 months of this year.  We developed systems, thought logically about how to organize ourselves and, ultimately, stayed focused on delivering TTN’s mission to our members.

That last part – delivering the mission – is what every leader in this organization is committed to doing.  I know because I’ve met many of you along the way.  And now I’m thrilled to be in a position to help support that goal in an even more impactful way.

Ellen Bartoldus, our Board President, has communicated clearly that now is an important time for TTN.  Under the excellent leadership of Betsy Werley, we’ve grown organically.  Now we need to grow purposefully.  We’re creating a strategic plan that will be the foundation for further growth and continued success.  And we’re building stronger teams throughout the country who are committed to enhancing the member experience.  How exciting!

We believe that every one of our 2,000+ members has something unique to offer.  And we hope to engage you again and again to make TTN a more effective organization for our members.  We’ll be looking for your expert help on specific tasks – short term projects to improve IT systems, website management, accounting tools and processes (is anyone out there an expert at Quickbooks??) – as well as longer term involvement in marketing, program development and fundraising.

I look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and your involvement.  We’re 2,000 women strong.  The only direction is forward!

All the best,