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"My husband Said 'What Do You Mean, We?'" ... Yet Another Reason Why We Love TTN

February 2, 2013

Does that sound familiar? 

A longstanding member, Laura Leinberger, shared that priceless bit of dialogue at our north-central New Jersey chapter kickoff in late January.  Laura “flunked” retirement once, went back to work, then after a few more years decided it really was time to stop working.  She excitedly shared her list of projects and fun activities with her husband Rodney, who said “what do you mean, ‘we’?”  That was when she realized she needed new companions for these new adventures. TTN to the rescue! Laura helped form a New Jersey peer group, meeting great women and finding all the activities she wanted.

As Laura shared her transition journey, there were lots of heads nodding among the forty women who showed up on a cold night in Montclair.   Whether working or retired, married or single, they came out to “find people to play with”, try something new activities and meet companions for learning and volunteer projects.

As we start TTN’s 13th year, the positive energy from our existing chapters keeps us growing.  That’s how the northern New Jersey group got started.  Our NYC chapter seeded two northern New Jersey peer groups; last fall, several members of those peer groups were inspired to launch a chapter so they could offer programs, more peer groups and volunteer activities.  Many thanks to Barbara Bressler, Pam Brownstein, Paula Heller, Laura Leinberger and Karen Lombardo for taking TTN to the next level in this new territory. 

The north-central NJ leadership team, l to r: Barbara Bressler, Karen Lombardo, Laura Leinberger, Executive Director Betsy Werley, Pam Brownstein, Paula Heller (credit: Rodney Leinberger)

If you live in that part of the country, join us!  We’re forming a leadership team and planning an April 20 program that features Suzanne Braun Levine speaking about her new book Girlfriends Are Good For Your Health.

TTN’s Smart Women Don’t Retire – They Break Free has its own positive energy – that’s what inspired two friends in south Florida to start a chapter.  Librarian Nancy Kalikow Maxwell was looking for books to help with her transition, and was delighted to find Smart Women.  She enlisted her good friend Julie McGinty, and that dynamic duo built a leadership team, connected with TTN members wintering in Florida (with thanks to Susan Goldfein of the NYC chapter’s Snowbird peer group) and are now ready to expand their activities.  Stay tuned for a full report after my March visit.

How do you get the most from your membership in February? 

To quote one of my favorite ads, “no great story starts with ‘it was cold, so I stayed home.”  Get out to one of your chapter’s events…or connect with members from another chapter when you’re traveling – just check the chapter’s committee page and send an e-mail to the chair or membership chair.  We promise a warm welcome wherever you are around the country!