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The mission of the Anti-Racism Task Force of TTN Long Island will be anchored in respect for and interest in all women of Long Island and Eastern Queens, the Greater New York Metropolitan area, and nationwide membership, as well as commitment to growth, progress, inclusion, and diversity. The Task Force will remain flexible in the development of TTN’s philosophy, actions, and activities, while adhering to this mission.
In line with those expectations, the Anti-Racism Task Force will:
● Be available to assist all LI TTN groups to consider programs and activities that address systemic racism to raise awareness and to encourage inclusiveness.
● Provide opportunities for learning and engagement.
● Collaborate with the chapter to work towards expanding the diversity of TTN membership.
● Cooperate with National TTN and collaborate with other TTN chapters in the development of membership.
In addition, the Task Force will:
  • Present relevant chapter- wide programs offering members the opportunity for exploration and learning.
  • Develop a local resource page for our website.
  • Provide resources for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Peer Groups. These may include, but not be limited to:
● Multi-media suggestions (books, news/journal articles, films, videos, podcasts, etc.)
● Museums and exhibitions related to learning about various cultures
● Information about relevant activities in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area that members may join
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