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Our History

We were founded in 2000 when two successful professional women, Charlotte Frank and Christine Millen, got together in a New York living room to brainstorm ideas for the so-called "retirement years."

Why focus on retirement?   

The world around them was going through a seismic shift. Baby boomers, then in their mid-50s, were beginning to contemplate their next steps. Some chose to embark on new careers. Others were forced to pursue potential options as long-time jobs disappeared.

At the same time, modern medicine was enabling people to live longer and healthier lives. The idea of retiring at age 65 as an "old person" no longer made sense.

For women like Christine and Charlotte, there was no blueprint for moving from one life stage to another. So they set out to create one. Within a year, word had spread. women were meeting regularly in each other's homes, collaborating on ways to ease and find joy in the transitions they were embarking on. 

Today, our nearly 3,000 members around the country inspire and support each other to continue a life of learning, engagement and leadership in the world.

"There is a kinship among women at The Transition Network, 
a bond of belonging, that has given me a new sense of purpose."


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